Kristy-Ann Duffy

Kristy-Ann is an Australian artist with a passion for birds.  More than just capturing a likeness of birds, Kristy-Ann wants to share some of those special moments she has spent watching birds through her art.  She endeavours to portray their unusual and fascinating behaviours, the beautiful places they live, and the funny things they do; like black swans ripping green weed from the bottom of a river, pelicans preening and leaving a trail of soft feathers in the water, or grey fantails fan dancing amongst the trees.  Kristy-Ann enjoys developing art that is both true to the subject and her own interpretation of the mood to produce unique and vibrant works.  She likes to work from her own photos, as her ideas and inspiration comes from watching the birds, not just the still photo.  She believes a painting should tell you something more than a photo; something about the character or behaviour of the bird, or the mood or feeling of the place or moment.