16" / 40cm Hardwood Boomerang
Made in Australia
Design:  Aboriginal Classic Kangaroo - Curl Red
Material:  Made from sustainably sourced hardwood
Aus2u offers beautiful, Australian made Indigenous products available at an affordable price.

Aus2u is focused on sourcing suppliers who provide quality, Australian made products.  Gari Dari’s commitment to Fair Trade Ethics ensures that everything they do supports First Nations Artists ability to preserve their traditions and cultural heritage for the next generation.
Through the implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan, they have created a framework to support the national reconciliation movement by ensuring that the art used on their products is reproduced under licence and the artist retains the copyright to their original artwork.
Because the art works featured on their products are ethically acquired, a portion of the proceeds from their sale is paid as a royalty to the artist, or used to support Indigenous charities and help Indigenous owned businesses to get off the ground, survive and thrive.
Gari Dari’s products are manufactured through economically sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. The commitment to sustainable manufacturing goes beyond personnel health and operational safety and extends to every aspect of the product you are purchasing.  From the reduction of energy consumption and waste management practices designed to promote recycling, to the use of recycled and sustainably sourced inputs, and working with suppliers who are as committed to reducing the environmental impact of the products they make as Gari Dari are, you can be sure that the pleasure you derive from the use of this product does not come at an unreasonable cost to the environment.


  • Welcome to Aus2u. Aus2u began in 2008 as a purely Australiana and Aboriginal themed gift and souvenir online store, but has since expanded into other product ranges; such as Artificial Moss and other greenery. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and range of quality products; plus we ship our products all over the World.