Aboriginal Cushion with Filling
Vacuum Sealed - Travel Friendly - Easy to Transport
Design: Australian Aboriginal - Campground
Main Colour:  Black, Red
Artist:  Jedess Hudson
Size: 35cm x 35cm

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Filling:  Recycled Polyester Blend
* Vacuum sealed for easy transport - Travel friendly, approx 100g
* For Indoor or outdoor lounge areas
* Removable cover for washing
* Machine wash friendly cover
* Hand dry only (no electric clothes dryer)
Royalties are paid to the artist and their family
The Artwork:  Throughout my Ewamian Country our ancestors camped and settled in clans across the land. Scattered far and wide our people had boundaries and common lore with neighboring clans over the land. The white dots represent the boundaries and red is the land it consumes, living with one another on Wundu (Country) they share as one.

The Artist:  Jedess Hudson is a descendent from the Ewamian and Western Yalangi clans of Far North Queensland. As an emerging artist she creates and explores traditional stories with a contemporary perspective. Her Aboriginality is a continuous source of inspiration, as she draws deeply on this throughout her creative journey. Her heritage has taught her to analyse and appreciate the surroundings she finds herself in, especially on country. Nature, wildlife and bush tucker are all aspects that are incorporated into her artwork.


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