12-Piece Eco-Friendy, Biodegradable Aboriginal Picnic Set
Includes:  4 x Plates, 4 x Bowls, 4 x Tumblers, Cups
Plates - 25cm Diameter
Bowls - 14cm Diameter x 7.5cm High
Tumblers - 8.5cm Diemater x 13cm High
Made From:  Natural Bamboo Fibre
Design: Australian Aboriginal - Reef, Sea
Main Colour:  Blue
Artist:  Colin Jones
* Biodegradable
* Eco-Friendly
* Reduce the number of single use picnic items
* Dishwasher Safe
* Lightweight
Royalties are paid to the artist and their family
The Artwork:  The turtles in the reproduction of the traditional painting “Colours of the Reef” represent the life forces of the turtle and the vivid colours of the circles symbolise the colours of the reef and ocean. Every breeding season, female turtles return to the same beach where they themselves hatched. After laying up to 100 eggs in the warm sand, the mother turtle’s work is done and she then leaves her eggs to incubate. The tiny turtles finally push up virtually in unison at night and head for the light coming from the ocean.
The Artist:  Colin Jones was born in 1947 in Queensland Australia, and is of Kaladoon and Nunuckle tribal descent. As a young boy, Colin learned to paint from his grandfather. Colins multi-layered dot paintings tell the stories of his ancestral lands, where the rain forest, rivers and land connect. In these depictions, there are small foot and hand prints telling the stories of Aboriginal people roaming the land.


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