Christmas Tree Hanging Ornament

Type: Australian White Kangaroo


Dimensions (approx): 13cm H x 8cm W + additional hanging string


The fibres used in the manufacture of these ornaments are made from the Buri Palm, which is native to Asia and is also known as the Corypha Elata.


To enable the palm fibre to be used in the manufacture of the animals, it is cut, soaked, bleached, dried, cut into bundles, wired into cylinders (Like a bottle Brush) then cut by hand to shape by talented artisans who take great care to make sure each item is precise and accurate.


All of these ornaments are 100% natural and environmentally friendly and renewable.


The Buri Palm stalks regenerate every few months and the fronds are taken from harvested crops specifically grown for our wonderful product. All of these products meet strict quarantine standards and are of the highest grade, to ensure the Australian native fauna and flora are protected at all times.


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