Lyn Olsen

Since her early retirement (and newfound time on her hands) just over 15 years ago, Lyn discovered her talent of painting.  After travelling through her homeland, Australia with her husband (who is a keen photographer); the deserts, rainforests, vast expanses of windswept plains, natural bushland, farming, cities, country towns, and of course the beautiful coast that surrounds this great land, inspired her works over the years.  Having lived in most of those areas, Lyn is drawn to paint the coast, in particular, the east coast of Australia where she currently lives in the beautiful state of Queensland. The wonderful Great Barrier Reef runs from far north Queensland down past central Queensland along the coast and she is very proud to have this icon which is listed as one of the Seven Wonders Of The World on her doorstep.  Lyn's art career has evolved over the years from a “dabble” in painting to nearly a full time career. Teaching, exhibiting, and holding workshops keeps her busy on the homefront, and she enjoys showing her works overseas and having exhibited in New York, Italy and Miami has given her the “self belief” and the drive to continue forward into the next phase of her career.  Acceptance into art publications and featured in an episode of 'Colour In Your Life TV Show' which has been shown both in Australia and Internationally has opened many doors.  Lyn has been busy conducting workshops in many states of Australia and recording online workshops for those who cannot attend in person.